Gravity Forms


To enable support for Gravity Forms, go to Affiliates → Settings → Integrations and check the box that says Gravity Forms:

Screenshot from 2014-10-14 21:50:31

From version 1.7 onwards, you can now enable and disable referrals on any Gravity Form.

Once the integration has been enabled, go to the Form Settings tab of your form:

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and under Form Options tick the Allow referrals checkbox. Save the changes by clicking the Update Form Settings button:

Now, AffiliateWP will automatically generate referrals when a customer is referred to your site via an affiliate link, and this particular form is successfully submitted.

In  Affiliates → Referrals, the Reference column refers to the entry ID in Gravity Forms:

Screen Shot

Clicking on the   Reference column will take you directly to the entry details page in Gravity Forms.

Referral Type and Amounts

Flat Rate

If you have the global  Referral Rate Type (as set in  Affiliates → Settings → General) or the per-affiliate Referral Rate Type set to Flat, this value will be the amount of the referral that is created when the form is submitted.  


If your global or affiliate  Referral Rate Type is set to percentage, you can set values on the form to result in any referral amount you would like.  

To calculate a specific referral amount for each form submission, you will need to add a Product field with a value of your choice in Price, as well as a Total field that is automatically populated for the final calculation. These fields can be seen in the Pricing Fields section in the form editor: 

For the Product field, you can check the box Disable quantity field since you will not need it.   Next, assuming you do not want this field to be visible to the user when filling in the form, click in the Field Type drop-down list and select the Hidden option.  

To hide the Total field, this requires an extra step.  When editing the field, go to the Appearance tab and enter gf_invisible in the Custom CSS Class field.  This CSS class is provided as part of the Gravity Forms plugin for your use.

AffiliateWP will use the global or affiliate rate amount to calculate an affiliate commission based on the value you entered in the Product's price field. The Total field will calculate the total price for the form, and subsequently, how much affiliate commission will be calculated.

Example of setting a Percentage referral rate: If you wish to generate a $10.00 affiliate commission on every submission of this particular form, you can set a global Referral Rate of 10% in AffiliateWP's General settings, and enter “100.00" in the Price field for the Product section of the form. When an affiliate successfully refers a visitor, and the visitor completes and submits this form, a referral commission of $10.00 will be generated for the affiliate.  This is especially useful if you have multiple integrations and plan to use percentages elsewhere.  Only one rate amount is possible per form.

That's it, you're done!

For earlier versions of AffiliateWP (prior to 1.3)

Prior to version 1.3, Gravity Forms was only minimally supported. The old integration method is described below for reference or if you need to use it for any reason. If you use the method below, leave the  Gravity Forms box unchecked in Affiliates → Settings → Integrations.

First, setup your form with the proper product, option, and total fields for your needs.

Second, set up the form to redirect to a specific page upon submission:

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 3.32.58 PM

This will be the page that users land on after submitting the form.

Third, check the box for Redirect Query String and enter the following:

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 3.42.34 PM

The  {Total:3} piece will change depending on your exact form and field configuration, but you can insert the proper variable automatically by clicking on the small arrow icon in the top right and selecting the total field.

This query string allows AffiliateWP to know what the purchase amount is and which form submission it came from.

Fourth, go to the Edit screen for the page that you selected as the redirect page in step two and place the following short code in its main content area:

 [affiliate_conversion_script description="Referral description here" context="gravityforms"]

The description parameter can be anything and is simply there for your own records. A good idea would be to set this to the name of your form. If you have multiple forms you would set the description so that its unique for each form.

You are done!

Affiliate Coupon Tracking

Note: AffiliateWP Coupon Tracking requires Gravity Forms version 2.0 or higher, as well as the Gravity Forms Coupons Add-on.

As of AffiliateWP 1.9, coupon tracking is available for Gravity Forms. Please follow the guide below for complete setup and configuration of this feature.

To configure coupon tracking, make sure that Gravity Forms integration is enabled in AffiliateWP → Settings → Integrations:

Create or edit a Gravity Forms form by visiting Forms → Add new or Forms → Edit. In order to use a coupon in a form, you'll need to add the following fields:
  • Product
  • Total

Once those fields are added to the form, you'll be able to add the coupon field, located under <em→Pricing Fields:</em→:

Save the changes you have made to your form.

After installing and activating the Gravity Forms Coupons add-on, go to Forms → Coupons and click on Add Coupon:

When prompted, select the form which you'd like to associate with the coupon you're creating:

Alternatively, you can associate all forms with a single coupon.

Specify your desired coupon settings.
After specifying the desired coupon settings, scroll to the Coupon Options section, and enter the username of the AffiliateWP affiliate to whom the coupon should be associated. This will connect this coupon to the specified affiliate. Anytime this coupon is redeemed, the connected affiliate will receive a referral commission.

After specifying the desired coupon settings and saving the coupon, make sure to test that everything is working. 

That's it!