Emails not being sent

If your emails are not being delivered, there are a few things you can check:

  • First, go to Affiliates → Settings Emails and verify the checkboxes are enabled under Email Notifications for the emails you'd like to be sent.
  • Next, if you are testing with your own email address that happens to match the same root domain as the email address in the From Email field, or if this matches your admin email (likely in many cases), it may have been flagged as spam by some email applications. Check the spam folder of your email application to see if the emails might be there. In general, it is recommended to test with an alternate email address. Some email systems do not like the From and To email addresses to be the same one.
  • New Referral emails to affiliates - if the admin emails are being received when new referrals are created, but the affiliates are not receiving them, the affiliate may not be opted-in. Your affiliates have to check the box next to Enable New Referral Notifications in their Affiliate Area under the Settings tab to receive new referral emails. (As of AffiliateWP version 2.2, this setting is enabled by default.)

If all of that checks out and you are still not receiving emails as expected, SendGrid and Mailgun are two of several freely available SMTP plugins from the plugin repository that can help with this, as it is not an uncommon occurrence in WordPress sites.