Using a Ninja Form redirect action

Note: This article relates to the Affiliate Forms For Ninja Forms pro add-on. The Affiliate Forms for Ninja Forms pro add-on requires the free 3rd-party Ninja Forms plugin.

Using a Ninja Form redirect action

The Affiliate Forms For Ninja Forms pro add-on provides compatibility with both the  current version of Ninja Forms, Ninja Forms 3, as well as older Ninja Forms 2.9 versions. Make sure to confirm the version of Ninja Forms you're using, and refer to the section below for the Ninja Forms version you're using.

If you use either the  [affiliate_registration] shortcode or the shortcode provided by Ninja Forms, you'll need to set up a redirect in Ninja Forms in order to redirect the affiliate to the affiliate area after they've submitted the form.

Ninja Forms 3.0 or higher

While editing the affiliate registration form, go to the Emails & Actions tab of the form
Click or drag the  Redirect action onto the form:

Click on the merge tags symbol in the top-right, and scroll to the merge tag "Affiliate Area". Click on it to automatically add your affiliate area url:

Alternatively if you're using a custom configuration, you can of course manually enter the URL of your affiliate area page as well.
Once finished, click save. That's it!

Ninja Forms 2.9 or lower

While editing the affiliate registration form, go to the Emails & Actions tab of the form
Click Add New
Give your action a  name, set the type to redirect, enter the URL of your affiliate area page, and click save