Email Tags - Affiliate Forms for Ninja Forms 2.9

Note: This article relates to the Affiliate Forms For Ninja Forms pro add-on. The Affiliate Forms for Ninja Forms pro add-on requires the free 3rd-party Ninja Forms plugin.

The Affiliate Forms For Ninja Forms pro add-on provides compatibility with both the current version of Ninja Forms 3, as well as Ninja Forms 2.9 versions.  Make sure to confirm the version of Ninja Forms you're using, and refer to the section below for the Ninja Forms version you're using.

Nina Forms 2.9.x (or lower)

When Affiliate Forms For Ninja Forms is active a new checkbox option called  Create AffiliateWP email tag will be shown when you expand a single field in the form editor.

When you enable this option and save, a new email tag will be available on the Affiliates → Settings → Emails tab.

You can use these email tags in any of the emails.

Some fields in the form editor do not have this checkbox option. This is because they are already mapped to the default email tags in AffiliateWP:

Use the standard {user_name} email tag

Website URL
Use the standard {website} tag

Promotion Method
Use the standard {promo_method} tag

Use the standard {user_email} tag

First Name and Last Name
Use the standard {name} email tag. If only the first name is entered by the affiliate, only this will be shown in the email. If the affiliate enters both a first name and last name, the email will show both. If neither a first name or last name is specified by the affiliate, the {name} email tag will output the affiliate's username.