To enable support for WooCommerce, go to Affiliates → Settings → Integrations and check the box that says WooCommerce:

Once enabled, AffiliateWP will automatically generate referral records when customer is successfully referred to your store via an affiliate link.

In Affiliates → Referrals, the Reference column refers to the order ID in WooCommerce:

Screen Shot

Clicking on the Reference column will take you directly to the order details page in WooCommerce.

In the Order Notes section of the Edit Order screen will be a note indicating a referral was created for the purchase:

Screen Shot

Note: The recently added Apple Pay option in the WooCommerce Stripe Gateway add-on is not yet supported for tracking and creating referrals in AffiliateWP. We are looking into adding this soon!

Affiliate Coupon Tracking

To enable affiliate coupon tracking, go to WooCommerce → Coupons and create a new coupon code. At the bottom of the Add Coupon form, there will be an input field called Affiliate Discount:

Screenshot from 2014-05-23 15:09:52

Simply begin typing the name of the affiliate you wish to connect the discount code to and select the affiliate from the list of user accounts found:

Screenshot from 2014-05-23 15:10:17

Any time this discount code is redeemed, and a purchase or conversion is completed, the connected affiliate will be awarded a referral.

Product Specific Rates

The referral rate used to calculate an affiliate's commission amount on sales can be set on a per-product basis. To set a product-specific rate, go to the edit screen for a product and enter the the rate you wish to use in the Affiliate Rate field in the AffiliateWP section:

Please see the notes section below for important notes about how product rates are calculated

Product Variation Specific Rates

As of AffiliateWP 1.9, WooCommerce product variations may also have a custom referral rate. To specify a custom rate for a product variation, visit the tab for that variation and set the rate in the Referral Rate field:

Note: Please note the following about the AffiliateWP WooCommerce integration:
  • There are three important notes about product specific rates:

    1. If an affiliate has an affiliate-specific rate, their custom rate will always take precedence of this product-specific rate
    2. Referrals can be entirely disabled for a product by setting the rate to 0
    3. If no variable product rate is set, the product rate is used, and if no product rate is set, the default rate is used.
  • As of WooCommerce v2.3 discounts are now calculated differently. If you are are experiencing referrals with discounts being calculated incorrectly make sure you update to WooCommerce v2.3+