Creating an affiliate registration form - Affiliate Forms For Ninja Forms

Note: This article relates to the Affiliate Forms For Ninja Forms pro add-on. The Affiliate Forms for Ninja Forms pro add-on requires the free 3rd-party Ninja Forms plugin.

The Affiliate Forms For Ninja Forms pro add-on provides compatibility with both the current version of Ninja Forms (v3), as well as older Ninja Forms 2.9 versions. Make sure to confirm the version of Ninja Forms you're using, and refer to the section below for the Ninja Forms version you're using.

Ninja Forms 3.0 or higher

With both  Affiliate Forms For Ninja Forms and the  Ninja Forms plugin installed, go to  Forms → Add New
Add form fields for affiliate registration. For registration to be valid, you'll need to add the following fields:
  • Email
  • Username

However, we recommend adding all of the registration fields available.

Once you're on the New Form screen in Ninja Forms, AffiliateWP fields are located in Form Fields → AffiliateWP:

AffiliateWP registration form fields

Note: As of Ninja Forms version 3.3.16 and up, the password field will not be visible.  To access the field, type 'password' in the top search area where it says Filter, and add them to your form.  

If the registration form does not contain a password field, an affiliate password is auto-generated for the affiliate. Affiliates who get auto-generated passwords should use the Lost / Reset Password form to get the password, or simply change it immediately after registering.

If you're not using a password field, we recommend adding a notice to this effect in your registration form.

Once you've added the affiliate registration fields, make sure you've also added an email field, which is located in Form Fields → User Information Fields
Go to Emails & Actions, then click on the blue plus-sign button to open available Ninja Forms "Actions".
Under the Installed section, click the Affiliate Registration box to add it to your form's Email & Actions.

Emails and Actions options

Now, we'll need to tell Ninja Forms which fields should be used for AffiliateWP. In each of the dropdown options, select the field you'd like to use.

Note: If you've forgotten a field, and haven't set that field up yet, click on the option to do so, and you'll be taken directly to the correct field: 

Mapping registration fields

Select whether or not you'd like the affiliate to automatically be logged in after submitting their affiliate registration:

Automatically log in slidder

Make sure to save and publish the form once you're ready.
In AffiliateWP, go to Affiliates →  Settings → Ninja Forms  (you may be asked to save the form Ninja Forms form if you have not done so yet), and select the form you'd like to use for affiliate registration. This should be the title of the form you've just configured. Click save.
That's it!

Ninja Forms 2.9 or lower

With both Affiliate Forms For Ninja Forms and the  Ninja Forms plugin installed, go to Forms → Add New
While editing the form, go to Settings → Display (you may be asked to save the form), and enable the Use this form for affiliate registration checkbox
Add your desired fields and save 

Import a prebuilt form

If you don't want to build the form from scratch, here's a form (this is for 3.0 or above; for Ninja Forms 2.9 or lower, click here) you can import which will create the affiliate registration form for you. To import this form:

Download the file to your comptuer
Go to  Ninja Forms → Import/Export
From the Import a form section, click the  browse button and locate the file you downloaded from step one above
After you've successfully imported the form, go to Forms → All Forms, and you'll see a new Affiliate Registration Form

Note: You can only have one affiliate registration form.