Can I translate AffiliateWP into my own language?

Absolutely! AffiliateWP can be easily translated into your chosen language if a translation does not already exist within the plugin.

  1. Download and install Poedit
  2. Download this template file and open it within Poedit
  3. Click on each string of text and enter your new translation within the translation box
  4. Go to File → Save As to save your translations in a .po file. Label the file with your country code included. For example, the French translation files are called and affiliate-wp-fr_FR.po
  5. When you are finished translating, go to File → Save As again to generate the .mo file
  6. Place these 2 files in your /wp-content/languages/affiliate-wp folder (create one if it's not there) or send them to us so we can include them in a future plugin update.
  7. Make sure your language has been selected in WordPress

You can also set Poedit to always compile a .mo file when saving changes by going to File → Preferences and on the editor tab check the Automatically compile .mo file on save option.