How can I edit text in AffiliateWP?

If you want to edit a piece of text that isn't configurable in the settings panel, you can use the Say What? WordPress plugin.

First, install and activate the Say What? plugin.

Once activated, go to Tools → Text changes in the WordPress admin to make your edits. Click Add New at the top of the page to add a new text modification. You'll see a form like this:

  • Original String: This is where you enter the text you want to change. You must enter in the full piece of text exactly as it appears in AffiliateWP. This is case sensitive and you also need to include any periods or other characters/symbols that may appear in the text.
  • Text Domain: Enter affiliate-wp
  • Text Context: This can be left blank.
  • Replacement String: This is the new text you want to appear instead of the "Original String". Enter whatever you want in this box.

When you're done, click Add at the bottom.

Here's an example of what a completed form might look like:

And you can see the changes reflected on the affiliate registration form: