Allowed Products - Plugin setup

Note: This article relates to the free Allowed Products add-on.

Download the free plugin
Install and activate the plugin just as you would with any other WordPress plugin

Go to Affiliates → Settings → Integrations and enter the IDs of the products you want to allow commission for. If you have variable products setup in the supported integration, you must enter the parent product ID, not each individual variation product ID. 

Note: By default, when this add-on is installed and activated, all products will be blocked from earning a commission, meaning the referrals will be created with a 0.00 value.  Because of this, if you have the setting enabled to Ignore Referrals with Zero Amount, then no referrals will be created.

You will need to enter the IDs of the products you wish to allow affiliates to earn a commission on them (follow step 3 above to do this). This add-on is especially useful if you have a lot of products and only wish to allow commission to be earned on a few specific products.