Affiliate Portal - Admin settings

Once the Affiliate Portal add-on has been installed and activated, a new Affiliate Portal tab will be visible within AffiliateWP's settings at Affiliates → Settings.

This screen has various settings specific to the Affiliate Portal:

Allow Affiliate Feedback

Enabling this option will allow your affiliates to submit anonymous feedback directly to us, from within the Affiliate Portal. We'll use this feedback to improve the user experience for all affiliates.

Referral Link Sharing

By default, no sharing options are configured. 

Once a sharing option is enabled, it will appear below the Referral URL generator on the Affiliate URLs screen of the Affiliate Portal. This allows an affiliate to quickly share their referral link via Twitter, Facebook or email.

Menu Links

The Menu Links option allows you to add additional links to the menu within the Affiliate Portal by adding a name for the link and selecting the page you want the link to be directed to.