Setting referral rates

Setting a global (default) referral rate

The referral rate determines how much the affiliate earns on each sale they generate for the store. For example, if an affiliate generates a $100 sale, their referral amount for the sale will be a percentage of that.

If the referral rate is set to 20%, affiliates will receive $20 on a $100 order.

The global referral rate (which will apply to all affiliates) is set in  Affiliates → Settings:

Screen Shot

Setting a per-affiliate referral rate

If you wish to set a custom rate for a specific affiliate, go to  Affiliates  Affiliates, search for the affiliate by name or ID and click on their name:

Screen Shot
Enter the Referral Rate you would like that specific affiliate to earn. Setting a referral rate on a per-affiliate basis will override all other referral rates.

Setting a per-product referral rate

Referral rates can also be set on a per-product basis (for some eCommerce plugin integrations). For per-product referral rates, see the setup documentation for the ecommerce or membership plugin you are using in the Integrations section.

Note: If an affiliate has a custom rate specified for their account, that rate will always take precedence over global and per-product rates.

Setting per-product, tiered, lifetime, or recurring referral rates

Several add-ons can also adjust how referrals rates are calculated.