The [affiliate_coupons] shortcode is included with AffiliateWP version 2.6 or higher. Previously, this shortcode was part of the Show Affiliate Coupons add-on. You can safely deactivate the Show Affiliate Coupons and retain all functionality if you're using AffiliateWP v2.6+.

Provided an affiliate has a tracked affiliate coupon assigned, the [affiliate_coupons] shortcode will output the affiliate's coupons (with each coupon amount) within a HTML table.

The [affiliate_coupons] shortcode can be placed on any WordPress page and supports the following integrations:

AffiliateWP 2.6+ automatically displays an affiliate's coupons within the Affiliate Area (if any are assigned) so the shortcode is only needed if you intend to show coupons elsewhere on your website.