Discontinued Integrations

The following table lists legacy integrations discontinued in AffiliateWP, along with when official support will end.

Integration Official Support Ends
ExchangeWP (iThemes Exchange) September 2021
September 2021
MarketPress September 2021
Shopp September 2021
WP eCommerce September 2021

Once support officially ends

Once an integration's support officially ends, and after AffiliateWP has been updated to remove an integration, all referral-related functionality will no longer function. 

This generally means:

  • Affiliate referral links will no longer work
  • Visits will no longer be generated
  • Referrals will no longer be generated
  • Tracked affiliate coupons will no longer work at checkout
  • Referrals will no longer be revoked when an integration's order is refunded, deleted, cancelled, or voided

Recommended alternatives

We recommend WooCommerce as an alternative eCommerce integration.

Questions or concerns?

Our support team will be happy to help if you have any questions or concerns.