Activating your license key

A license key was included with your purchase of AffiliateWP. This license key grants you access to support and enables one-click updates for the AffiliateWP plugin from the Plugins page of your WordPress admin area.

Once AffiliateWP is installed, navigate to Affiliates → Settings and enter your license key in the box shown there. After entering the license key, click Activate License to register your website with the license key.

If at anytime you need to move the license key from one website domain to another, you may do so from your account page on the AffiliateWP website.

Frequently asked questions

Does the license key need to be renewed?

AffiliateWP includes several license tiers, including annual and occasional lifetime options. See our renewal FAQ for more details.

Can I upgrade my license to a higher tier?

Yes you can! See our upgrade FAQ for more details.

Can I access the Pro add-ons with my license?

Pro add-ons are available to Professional license holders (and historical Ultimate license holders). See the FAQ for more details.

Do I get plugin updates with my license key?

Yes you do! See this FAQ for more information.

Can I configure the license key with wp-config.php?

Yes you can! As long as your multisite network is set up to use sub-directories, simply add the AFFILIATEWP_LICENSE_KEY constant to your wp-config.php file: