Affiliate Portal - FAQs

Will the Affiliate Portal add-on work with my current theme?

Yes, the Affiliate Portal add-on is designed to work with any theme.

Will the Affiliate Portal add-on work with the Affiliate Area Tabs official free add-on.

No, the Affiliate Area Tabs official free add-on is not compatible. Learn more here.

How can I view the Affiliate Portal?

The Affiliate Portal is only accessible by affiliates. To view the Affiliate Portal as an administrator you'll first need to add your own user account as an affiliate.

Alternatively, install the User Switching plugin. AffiliateWP integrates with this plugin to add Switch To links in the action menu for every affiliate. You can find the Switch To link by hovering over any affiliate on the Affiliates → Affiliates screen. This is a great way to test what your affiliates see without needing to create your own affiliate account.