Pushover Notifications

Note: This article relates to the Pushover Notifications pro add-on.

The Pushover Notifications add-on is simple to setup and only has a single option to be configured.

This add-on requires that you have an account with Pushover.net. If you do not have one, registration is free. This add-on also requires a Professional AffiliateWP license.

First, install the add-on on your WordPress site running AffiliateWP. If you're not sure how to install the add-on, please consult the installation guide on installing AffiliateWP. Add-ons are installed the same way.

As soon as the plugin is activated, go to Affiliates → Settings and click on the Pushover tab:

Simply enter your Application Key and click Save Changes. Your Application Key can be found in your Pushover.net account. If you have not created any applications, click the Register an Application link from your Pushover.net dashboard:

Once you have entered your Application Key, your affiliates will have a new field available in the  Settings tab of the Affiliate Area that allows them to enter their User Key. Any affiliate that has entered their User Key and has new referral notifications enabled will automatically receive push notifications anytime a new referral with a status of Unpaid is awarded to their account.