Individual Affiliate Reports

AffiliateWP provides reports for each affiliate, in addition to  the full Reports section. Individual affiliate reports can be accessed by going to Affiliates → Affiliates, and clicking on Reports under the desired affiliate, as well as filtering by the affiliate name in the primary Reports section of AffiliateWP, located in Affiliates Reports:

A link to view an individual affiliate report in AffiliateWP.

Clicking the above-noted link will take you to a report for only that affiliate:

Viewing an individual affiliate report in AffiliateWP.

The data shown in individual affiliate reports includes:

  • Total earnings
  • Total unpaid earnings
  • Total paid referrals
  • Total unpaid referrals
  • Total pending referrals
  • Total rejected referrals
  • Total visits
  • Conversion rate

Note: As of AffiliateWP 2.0, the conversion rate is also included in exported affiliate data when using the Affiliate export tool, located at Affiliates → Tools → Export/Import.