Important: Only non-pretty affiliate referral links can be used with MemberMouse.
For example, /?ref=123 (affiliate ID) or /?ref=john (WordPress username).

To enable support for MemberMouse, first go to Affiliates → Settings → Integrations and check the box that says MemberMouse:

Screen Shot

Second, go to MemberMouse → Affiliate Settings and set the "Affiliate Keyword" to the same value as you set in Affiliate → Settings:

Screen Shot

All other options on this page of the MemberMouse settings can be left as default.

In order for AffiliateWP to properly track referrals in MemberMouse, the value for the Affiliate Keyword must be identical to Referral Variable shown below:

Screen Shot

Third, go to MemberMouse → Product Settings → Edit Product to open the Product Settings window. Scroll down to Commissions → Commission Profile and select Standard Commission Profile as shown below:

Once enabled, AffiliateWP will automatically generate referral records when a customer is successfully referred to your store via an affiliate link.

In Affiliates → Referrals, the Reference column refers to the member ID in MemberMouse and will take you to an overview of that member's transactions:

Screen Shot

Recurring Referrals

If you are using the  Recurring Referrals add-on, it is important that you enable "Rebill" commissions for MemberMouse. To do this, go to MemberMouse → Affiliate Settings and enable Rebill Commissions for the affiliate profiles.

Note: Referrals with a zero amount (such as for a free trial sign up) cannot be tracked with the MemberMouse integration at this time. In addition, Recurring Referrals cannot be used for MemberMouse subscriptions with an initial free trial.