Affiliate Registration block

The Affiliate Registration block displays an affiliate registration form on your website, allowing users to register as affiliates. An optional URL where affiliates are redirected to after completing their application can also be configured.

Similarly to the [affiliate_registration] shortcode, the form will change depending on AffiliateWP's settings.

  • If the password fields are not required, the password fields will not show on the form (or within the editor view)
  • If a "Terms of Use" page has been set, it will output an "Agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy" checkbox to the form
  • The terms of use text will change based on the "Terms of Use Label" setting (and also within the editor)
  • If "Allow Affiliate Registration" is not enabled, the form will still show within the editor but will display a notice in the block's settings. The form however will not be displayed on the front-end of your website.