Sales Reports

AffiliateWP version 2.5 introduces a new Sales tab to the AffiliatesReports screen. 

This new tab is currently only available for the following integrations:

  1. WooCommerce
  2. Easy Digital Downloads
  3. Restrict Content Pro

The Sales tab allows affiliate managers to easily measure the success of their affiliate program.

The way it works is this: every time a referral is generated for an order – using one of the eligible integrations above – AffiliateWP will create a new, local Sales record in your database. A Sales record simply ties a small amount of referral data with a small amount of order data and then combines it together all in one place. Once that data is joined together, it becomes much simpler to retrieve and display in report form.

If you've just upgraded to AffiliateWP 2.5 and are seeing one or more admin notices to "sync" your sales data, the sync process is simply a mechanism to create retroactive Sales records for your past orders and referrals.

Note: Your synced Sales does not leave your server, it is only stored locally in your site's database for easier lookup and display.


The Filters section provides a set of date filters for an affiliate manager to sort the Sales data by (both Quick Stats and Trends). 

Available date filters are:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • This Week
  • Last Week
  • This Month
  • Last Month
  • This Quarter
  • Last Quarter
  • This Year
  • Last Year
  • Custom

Like the other Reports tabs, selecting custom will provide a set of date ranges to fine-tune the data. The custom date range will also persist across each tab of the Reports screen, making it quick and easy to see related data for the date range.

Quick Stats

The following metrics are available:

Gross Affiliate-generated Revenue
Total revenue earned as a result of affiliate-generated sales.

Net Affiliate-generated Revenue
Total revenue earned as a result of affiliate-generated sales, with affiliate earnings deducted.

Gross Revenue Increase From Affiliates
Increase in gross revenue as a result of affiliate-generated sales.

Affiliate-generated Sales
Percentage (%) of sales generated by affiliates.

Total Affiliate Sales Earnings
Total amount earned by affiliates as a result of affiliate-generated sales.

Affiliate-generated Sale Count
Total number of affiliate-generated sales.


The  Trends section shows a graphical representation of:

  • Gross Affiliate-generated Revenue
  • Total Affiliate Sales Earnings
  • Net Affiliate-generated Revenue

The Trends graph will update based on the selected date filter at the top of the screen.