User role capabilities

AffiliateWP includes an extensive set of user capabilities that allow site administrators to fine-tune what privileges individual user roles have.

By default, AffiliateWP adds the following capabilities to the administrator user role:

  • export_affiliate_data
  • export_payout_data
  • export_referral_data
  • manage_affiliate_options
  • manage_affiliates
  • manage_consumers
  • manage_creatives
  • manage_payouts
  • manage_referrals
  • manage_visits
  • view_affiliate_reports

If you wish to add capabilities to other user roles, or even create custom user roles with select capabilities, we recommend using the Members plugin by Justin Tadlock.

AffiliateWP also includes a series of meta capabilities.

Roles with the manage_affiliates capability:

  • add_affiliate
  • edit_affiliate
  • delete_affiliate
  • view_affiliate

Roles with the manage_creatives capability:

  • add_creative
  • edit_creative
  • delete_creative
  • view_creative

Roles with the manage_payouts capability:

  • add_payout
  • view_payout

Roles with the manage_referrals capability:

  • add_referral
  • edit_referral
  • delete_referral

Roles with the manage_visits capability:

  • add_visit

Roles with the manage_consumers capability:

  • add_api_key
  • regenerate_api_key
  • revoke_api_key