Recurring Referrals - WP Simple Pay - Setup and configuration

To track recurring referrals with AffiliateWP and Stripe, you will need:

Basic setup

1. Before proceeding, ensure that the Stripe integration is enabled in AffiliateWP by going to  Affiliates → Settings → Integrations and checking the box for Stripe (through WP Simple Pay):

2. The Recurring Referrals add-on requires the ability to track recurring payments from Stripe via the WP Simple Pay plugin integration.

In order to do this, a webhook must be entered in your Stripe dashboard. You'll need to set a webhook URL both for test and live Stripe connections. You can find this webhook URL in the Affiliates → Settings → Recurring Referrals tab:

Recurring Referrals webhook url example

After copying the URL, you'll need to enter it into Stripe within the pop-up window:

Example of adding a Stripe webhook

Note that a webhook must be entered both for test Stripe transactions and your live Stripe transactions.

3. After setting up a recurring subscription form in WP Simple Pay, recurring referrals will be generated. WP Simple Pay does not store transaction data within your WordPress site, so the referral reference in this case links directly to the relevant data within your Stripe dashboard:

WP Simple Pay reference example

That's it!