External Referral Links - setup

Note: This article relates to the free External Referral Links add-on.

Download the free plugin
Install and activate the plugin just as you would with any other WordPress plugin on the external site (the site where AffiliateWP is not installed).

Go to Settings → External Referral Links and configure the options shown below:

Note: Only non-pretty affiliate links will work with External Referral Links (e.g. /?ref=123, or /?ref=john). Also, be sure to match the site URL where AffiliateWP is installed with the site URL in External Referral Links (e.g. https or http).

Regarding Visits: A visit entry will not be created on arrival at the external site since AffiliateWP is not installed there. Rather, when an outbound link is clicked to go to your main site where AffiliateWP is installed along with your eCommerce store, then a visit entry will be created for the affiliate's link used.>).

Credit Last Referrer: The Credit Last Referrer setting does not apply to the External Referral Links add-on, it is only functional on the site where the core AffiliateWP plugin is active.