As of AffiliateWP 1.9, any affiliate payouts generated within AffiliateWP are logged, and shown on the screen Affiliates → Payouts.

Paying affiliates functions the same as in prior versions of AffiliateWP, but now, on the Payouts screen, you can view detailed information about each payout. Payouts are generated when any of the following actions occur:
  1. Marking referrals as Paid with bulk actions (which will generate a payout for each affiliate individually).
  2. Marking a single referral as Paid using the Mark as Paid link in the Actions column on the Affiliates → Referrals screen.
  3. Generating a payout file.
  4. Generating a payout for a single affiliate.

For configuration, help, and documentation regarding paying your affiliates, please visit the Paying your Affiliates article.

Viewing payouts

When a payout is created, it will show up on the Payouts screen:

Click on the View link under the Actions column to see more information about each specific payout:

You will then be able to view detailed data for each individual payout, including:

Affiliate(s) paid The affiliate username and ID whom was paid as part of this payout.
Amount paid The total amount paid for this payout.
Payout Method The method used to pay affiliates for this payout.
Payout Status Paid if successful, failed if not successful.
Payout Date The date on which this payout occurred.

Payouts in the Affiliate Area

Payouts are also shown to affiliates in the Affiliate Area. A new tab, Payouts, contains information on each payout that was generated for the affiliate:

    Please note the following:
  1. The Payouts screen feature is a view of existing data. Payouts cannot be generated on any payouts or from the Payouts screen.
  2. Payouts are also not retroactively generated, meaning that Payouts/Payout views will only be generated for referrals occurring after updating to AffiliateWP 1.9.