REST API Extended – Setup

Note: This article relates to the REST API Extended pro add-on.

The REST API Extended add-on makes it possible to for you or other apps to interact with AffiliateWP programmatically.

There are only two requirements to use the REST API Extended pro add-on: 

  1. WordPress 4.4+
  2. PHP 5.6+ 


Once installed and activated:

  1. Go to Affiliates → Settings → REST API
  2. Select the checkboxes for the types of endpoints you'd like to enable.
  3. Click Save Changes

Your site now has a complete CRUD REST API for interacting with your affiliate data.

If you have not yet used the read-only REST API provided by the core AffiliateWP plugin, or you are unsure of how to authenticate with the REST API, please review the  overview documentation for the base API.