Affiliate creatives and banner images

Creatives are pre-made banners and assets that affiliates can use to easily promote your products or services. Instead of requiring that affiliates create their own banner images or affiliate URLs, you can make it easy for them by setting up a list of pre-made banner images of various sizes, or text links, that they can simply add to their own websites or email newsletters.

The Creatives are managed through the  Creatives option under the main Affiliates menu in the WordPress admin:

Creatives section

To create a new creative, click the  Add New button at the top of the screen:

Add new Creative screen

You will be presented with a simple form to fill out.

  • Name - this is a name given to the creative for administrative purposes only
  • URL - this is the URL that the creative will link to
  • Text - this is the text that is displayed beneath the image
  • Image - this is the full URL to the image file to use (if you wish to create a text-only creative, simply skip this step)
  • Status - this is the status of the creative. Active means it can be seen by affiliates; Inactive means it is hidden.

Add new creative screen (filled out)

TIP: To create a text only link for your affiliates to share, simply do not upload an image; the text link will still show in the Creatives tab of the affiliate area.

Once you have created the creative, it will be shown in the list:

Creatives list

From the Creatives list, you can view the pertinent details of each Creative, change the status, and even view the shortcode needed to display the creative on any page of your website.

Creatives that have a status  of Active will be automatically listed under the Creatives tab of the Affiliate Area on the front end of your website, meaning they are visible and available for use by all affiliates:

Affiliate Area Creatives tabThere are two shortcodes related to affiliate Creatives that you can use as well:

  • [affiliate_creatives] - this will display a list of all active Creatives
  • [affiliate_creative] - this will display a specific creative designated by the id="x" parameter
Take a look at our doc on best practices for affiliate creatives and banners for some useful tips on providing your affiliates with banners and creatives that align with your website branding.