Recurring Referrals - Zippy Courses - Set up and Configuration

To track recurring referrals with AffiliateWP and Zippy Courses, you will need:

Basic set up

1. Before proceeding, ensure that the  Zippy Courses integration is enabled in AffiliateWP by checking Zippy Courses in Affiliates → Settings → Integrations:

Enabling an integration in AffiliateWP

2. Depending on the payment gateway in use, you may need to configure it for recurring subscription payments. For example, for recurring transactions, the  Stripe gateway requires that a webhook url is entered into your Stripe dashboard. See the related instructions in your Zippy Courses settings page for more information.

3. Now it's time to set up a recurring subscription product in Zippy Courses. Configure those settings (and optionally, any specific AffiliateWP info you'd like for this particular product):

Recurring Referrals set up; setting up a Zippy Courses subscription product, and optional AffiliateWP settings.

As recurring referrals are generated for a Zippy Courses product subscription, they'll be noted as a subscription payment in the Description field of the referral:

A recurring referral generated for the Zippy Courses integration.

Clicking on the Reference field of the referral will take you to the Zippy courses order screen associated with this recurring referral, which will list all associated transactions:

An example of recurring Zippy Courses transactions generated from the AffiliateWP Recurring Referrals add-on.

4. That's it!