Signup Referrals - "Affiliate Registration" referral type

Note: This article relates to the Signup Referrals pro add-on.

Signup Referrals will create a referral when the referred user registers as an affiliate, on the default affiliate registration form. This is the form provided by AffiliateWP using either the [affiliate_registration] and [affiliate_area] shortcode.

If Require approval is enabled from Affiliates → Settings → Misc, the referral will only be created once the affiliate has been approved.

If you’re using  Affiliate Forms For Gravity Forms, or Affiliate Forms For Ninja Forms with referrals enabled for the form, you’ll want to leave the Affiliate Registration referral type disabled (under Affiliates → Settings → Integrations → Signup Referrals). If it’s not, 2 referrals will be generated as expected. However, since Signup Referrals allows you to configure a flat dollar amount, you may wish to disable referrals on your form and let Signup Referrals generate the referral.