AffiliateWP 1.8.3 or later provides direct integration for the LifterLMS plugin. 

To enable support for LifterLMS, follow these steps:

  1. Install and activate both AffiliateWP version 1.8.3 (or later), and LifterLMS version 2.6.3 (or later).
  2. Go to Affiliates → Settings → Integrations and enable the LifterLMS integration by checking the "LifterLMS" checkbox under "Integrations":
  3. The AffiliateWP integrations tab in
  4. LifterLMS provides integration for AffiliateWP in three primary ways: Courses, Memberships, and Coupons.


Enabling AffiliateWP tracking for Courses can be added by going to Courses → (Select a course) → AffiliateWP:

AffiliateWP will track all referrals for transactions occurring in LifterLMS, using the default AffiliateWP referral rate. However, you can choose to disable referrals for a specific LifterLMS Course, or define a Course-specific referral rate. To do so, enable the desired option:

Disabling AffiliateWP referrals for a specific LMMS Course: Disabling AffiliateWP referrals for a specific LMMS Course.

Defining a custom AffiliateWP referral rate for a course:

Defining a custom AffiliateWP referral rate for a course

Make sure to specify the referral rate in the "Course Referral Rate" field, by just typing the number, without the currency symbol or percentage sign.


Tracking for LifterLMS Memberships can be disabled just as they can in Courses above. You can also define a custom Membership referral rate:

Important note: Referrals will only be credited on the initial signup payment, and will not be created when course or membership recurring payments are recorded unless you are also using version 1.7+ of our Recurring Referrals add-on.

Coupon tracking

Affiliate coupon tracking can be enabled in LifterLMS by creating a coupon, and associating it with an affiliate.

To do so, create or edit a coupon at LifterLMS → Coupons, and click on the tab "AffiliateWP":

Any time this coupon is redeemed, and a purchase or conversion is completed, the connected affiliate will be awarded a referral.