Opt-In Form Settings

As of AffiliateWP 2.2, there is an Opt-In Form settings tab for the new Opt-In email list feature. This feature allows you to display an opt-in form that creates a referral for the affiliate tracked, along with adding the subscriber to your email marketing platform provider: MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, or ConvertKit. 

This article provides a detailed explanation of each setting found in Affiliates → Settings → Opt-In Form

Opt-In Referral Amount 

Enter the flat amount for each opt-in referral, or you can leave the default amount of 0.00.

Opt-In Referral Status

Select the default status for the opt-in referrals:
  • Pending
  • Unpaid

Message shown upon opt-in success

Enter the message you would like to show subscribers after they have successfully opted-in. 


Select the opt-in platform provider you would like to use:
  • MailChimp
  • ActiveCampaign
  • ConvertKit
Next click Save Changes and the provider-specific settings will appear to configure.


To display the opt-in form, place the shortcode on any page or post: [opt_in]

MailChimp Settings

MailChimp API Key

Enter your MailChimp API key for your account. 

MailChimp List ID 

Enter the List ID for the MailChimp list you would like to add the new subscriber to. 

Double Opt-In

Check this box if you would like your new subscriber to receive a MailChimp double opt-in email.

ActiveCampaign Settings

ActiveCampaign API URL

Enter your ActiveCampaign API URL for your account.

ActiveCampaign API Key 

Enter your ActiveCampaign API key for your account.

ActiveCampaign List ID 

Enter the ID for the ActiveCampaign list id you would to add your new subscriber to.T

ConvertKit Settings

ConvertKit API Key

Enter your ConvertKit API key for your account.

ConvertKit Form ID 

Enter the ID of the ConvertKit form you would like to subscribe contacts with.