Recurring Referrals - Gravity Forms - Set up and Configuration

To track recurring referrals with AffiliateWP and Gravity Forms, you will need:

Basic set up

1. Before proceeding, ensure that the  Gravity Forms integration is enabled in AffiliateWP by checking Gravity Forms in Affiliates → Settings → Integrations: 

AffiliateWP Integrations - Gravity Forms checked

2. Depending on the payment gateway in use, you will need to configure it for recurring subscription payments in the overall form plugin settings. For example, for recurring transactions, both the  Stripe and PayPal gateway add-ons require that a webhook url is entered into your respective payment gateway  dashboard. See the related instructions in your Gravity Forms settings for more information in how to configure this:

Gravity Forms PayPal Settings

Gravity Forms Stripe Settings

3. After the initial setup is complete, you'll want to add the payment subscription to your specific Gravity Form as a "feed" in that form's settings:

Gravity Form PayPal subscription feed

Gravity Forms Stripe subscription feed

And that's all there is to it!  As long as the initial subscription purchase was made with an affiliate link, and Recurring Referrals is enabled, a referral will be created for each subscription payment received.