Affiliate Area Tabs - Troubleshooting

Custom tabs are not being displayed in the Affiliate Area

Check to see if your theme has a  dashboard.php file in a folder called affiliatewp. If so, this template file inside your theme may need to be updated from the dashboard.php file located in AffiliateWP's templates folder.

Read more on Modifying template files

Tabs are not being shown in the correct language

If you have changed your site language at any point  after setting up Affiliate Area Tabs, the default tabs from AffiliateWP may still appear in the previously set language. This is simply because each tab's title has already been saved to the database in the previous language. 

To fix this, make sure you are on at least version 1.2.1 of Affiliate Area Tabs, then resave the Affiliate Area Tabs settings screen. This will force the tab's titles to be retranslated. Note, they will only be retranslated if a translation file exists for AffiliateWP in your new chosen language.

No affiliate area tab changes are being displayed in the Affiliate Area

If you have the Affiliate Portal pro add-on installed and active, it has its own custom design, and does not load any of the theme's CSS so you won't see any evidence of Affiliate Area Tabs.  You can read more on Affiliate Portal compatible add-ons.