How to use affiliate referral URL campaign tracking

Affiliate referral URLs can include a campaign parameter to help your affiliates track and monitor the performance of their affiliate links.

Affiliates can name their campaigns in the Affiliate Area when generating an affiliate referral link, or manually append a campaign name to an affiliate referral link. When using the generator, the campaign name will be automatically appended to their affiliate referral link. Here are a couple of examples of what the affiliate referral link looks like with a campaign parameter added: 

Your affiliates may wish to use campaigns to place specific affiliate links in specific marketing channels - such as in an email, on a particular social media platform, or on their own website (if they have one).
The campaigns created by the affiliate are visible in the  Statistics tab when they are logged in to the Affiliate Area. This tab also shows the following campaign data:
  • The number of visits through a specific campaign referral link
  • How many unique referral links have been used for that campaign
  • Whether the conversion was successful (a referral was generated)
  • And what the conversion rate is for that particular campaign.

Some examples of campaign names an affiliate might use are: "Winter email", "Twitter January", "Facebook sale", "Summer special", and so on. This could be aligned with the marketing material you provide to your affiliates, or a sale or promotion you have scheduled.
We recommend letting your affiliates know that a shorter, simpler campaign name usually works best. Think of it like a coupon code - a campaign name between 15 and 25 characters can effectively describe a date, product, and channel for where a specific campaign link is being shared. Additionally, some social media channels have a limited amount of characters available. The more characters they use in their affiliate referral link, the less space they have to market your product or site.
Using this campaign parameter will allow your affiliates to identify where they should focus their marketing efforts for maximum sales and referrals.