Caldera Forms

  1. To enable support for Caldera Forms, go to Affiliates → Settings → Integrations, check the box that says Caldera Forms, then click Save Changes.
  2. Go to the Form Settings tab of your form, enable the Allow Referrals checkbox, select the Referral Type (Sale, Opt-In, or Lead) and click Save Form:
  3. Caldera forms settings
  4. Go to the Processors section of the form and click Add Processor.
  5. After clicking Add Processor, a popup will open. Click Use Processor in the AffiliateWP row.
  6. Click the Total input field, a list of fields will appear. Click the field that you are using for your form's total. In the example below %total% represents our form's Total field.
    If you choose to type the field, double-check you have spelt it correctly and have added the percentage (%) symbols.
    And finally, you can also enter a total manually, such as 100. As per the input field's description in the screenshot below, the total will be used to calculate the referral's amount.
  7. If you're using a payment processor with Caldera Forms, make sure AffiliateWP is first in the processor list. To re-order, simply hover over the AffiliateWP processor and drag it to the top of the list. The screenshot below shows the correct order of the processors when using a payment processor such as Stripe.
  8. That's it! AffiliateWP will now generate a referral when a customer submits the form on your site after clicking on a referral link.