Direct Link Tracking - FAQs

Note: This article relates to the Direct Link Tracking pro add-on.

Which integrations does Direct Link Tracking support?

The Direct Link Tracking add-on includes support for all  integrations.

How can I prevent affiliates from registering other people's domain names?

Direct Link Tracking can be configured so that affiliates can enter their own domains from the Direct Links tab of the Affiliate Area. This means they could potentially attempt to add a domainregister a URL that does not belong to them. To prevent malicious affiliates from trying to claim traffic coming from URLs they do not own, Direct Link Tracking includes an approval system for submitted URLs. When a URL is submitted by an affiliate from the Affiliate Area, it will be given a status of Pending and will not function until a site administrator has approved the URL. 

Important note: It is the responsibility of the site owner/administrator to verify the authenticity of the URLs submitted by affiliates.

Is the Credit Last Referrer option supported?

Yes, Direct Link Tracking supports the Credit Last Referrer option from Affiliates → Settings → General.

Are domains with paths supported?

Yes, as of version 1.1, domains with paths are supported. See:  Domains with paths

Can subdomains be used as direct link domains?


Can Direct Link Tracking be used with Fallback Tracking?

Yes, Direct Link Tracking supports the  Use Fallback Referral Tracking Method option from Affiliates → Settings → Misc.