Direct Link Tracking - Setup

Note: This article relates to the Direct Link Tracking pro add-on.

First, download and install the Direct Link Tracking add-on. If you're unsure of how to install an add-on, see our installation guide for AffiliateWP (the instructions are the same).

Global settings

Once installed, navigate to AffiliateWP → Settings → Direct Link Tracking.

Allow Direct Link Tracking

When checked, this will enable all affiliate accounts to enter one or more domains from the  Affiliate Area. If this option is left unchecked, domains may only be entered by affiliates that have the option enabled on their account, which must be done by a site administrator. Seeadditional information below on enabling direct link tracking for individual affiliates. 

Notify Admin

When enabled, an email will be sent to the site administrator when a direct link domain has been submitted for approval.

Notify Affiliate

If these checkbox options are enabled, an email will be sent to the affiliate when their submitted direct link domain has been approved or rejected.

Domains AllowedThis option defines the number of domains affiliates can register on their account. For example, if this is set to 1, affiliates will only be permitted to register a single domain on their account. Note: This option can be overwritten on individual affiliate accounts by site administrators.

Domain Blacklist

See:  Blacklisting domains

Remove Data When Deleted

Enable the checkbox if you would like all of Direct Link Tracking's data deleted when the plugin is deleted.

Per-affiliate settings

Each affiliate account can have the global options overwritten by a site administrator from the Edit Affiliate screen for the affiliate.

If direct link tracking is enabled for all affiliates, the Edit Affiliate edit screen will show like this:

If direct link tracking is not enabled for all affiliates, it will show this:

Once direct link tracking is enabled, either for an individual affiliate or globally, domains can be registered on the affiliate's account.