Enabling your chosen integration

AffiliateWP integrates with numerous popular 3rd-party WordPress plugins for eCommerce, memberships and subscriptions, form-builders and more. Once you have installed AffiliateWP it's incredibly easy to enable your chosen integration from the WordPress admin. Follow the below steps to enable your chosen integration.

In your WordPress admin go to the  Affiliates → Settings → Integrations tab
Check the box or boxes next to the integrations you will be using with AffiliateWP

Click Save Changes to enable your chosen integration(s).

That's it! You can now configure your integration to your liking to enable referrals, set per-product rates, and more. Read more on how to set up your specific integration by checking out its corresponding documentation.

It isn't necessary to enable all integrations. Whether you're just using one, or you are using a few, you only need to enable the integration(s) you will be using.

Note: AffiliateWP doesn't provide or sell any of the plugins we integrate with; they must be downloaded or purchased directly from the developer or company that create and distribute them.