[affiliate_leaderboard] shortcode

Note: This article relates to the free Leaderboard add-on.

The default shortcode with no additional parameters will show 10 affiliates, ordered by referrals.


The  number parameter can be used to control how many affiliates are shown in the leaderboard:

[affiliate_leaderboard number="5"]

The  referrals parameter can be used to show an affiliate's referrals:

[affiliate_leaderboard referrals="yes"]

Note: Only referrals with status values equal to Paid are included in the referral counts.

The  earnings parameter can be used to show an affiliate's Paid earnings:

[affiliate_leaderboard earnings="yes"]

The  visits parameter can be used to show an affiliate's visits:

[affiliate_leaderboard visits="yes"]

You can also list all 3 (referrals, paid earnings, visits) like this:

[affiliate_leaderboard referrals="yes" earnings="yes" visits="yes"]

The  orderby parameter can be added to order the leaderboard by either referrals,earnings or visits:

[affiliate_leaderboard orderby="referrals"]
[affiliate_leaderboard orderby="earnings"]
[affiliate_leaderboard orderby="visits"]

You can combine parameters as well.  For example, this shortcode would show the referrals count for each affiliate and order them by the referral count amount:

[affiliate_leaderboard referrals="yes" orderby="referrals"]