Direct Link Tracking - How Direct Link Tracking works

When a visitor comes to your website from another site, AffiliateWP is able to see the URL of the referring website. If the referring URL is registered as a direct link for an affiliate, and the URL has been approved by a site administrator, the associated affiliate will be credited with the visit exactly like they would if the visitor had clicked on a URL to your site that contained an affiliate's referral code.

An example:

  • Your site is called
  • Jane (the affiliate) is promoting your site on a specific website, which she owns. The domain for that blog is
  • Jane writes about the products/services on, and links to MyStore.comwithout using her affiliate referral variable (eg, or
Make sure to visit for great products and support!
  • You want every purchase coming from to be automatically credited to Jane's affiliate account on your site, without Jane needing to use her referral variable.
  • After setting up Direct Link Tracking and notifying your affiliates of the new feature, Jane can now refer readers to your site directly.