How do I pay affiliates if I have a Personal or Plus license?

If you have a Personal or Plus AffiliateWP license, you can choose to pay your affiliates through PayPal, other popular online payment systems, via bank transfer, or even through payment services only available in your country. See below for several different methods of paying your affiliates with a Personal or Plus license.

  1. You can pay your affiliates via PayPal, Skrill or other online mass payment service. You can choose to create mass payments with AffiliateWP's Generate Payout File to pay multiple affiliates at once, or you can pay your affiliates individually - this is entirely up to you. These payments take place through PayPal or the online payment service you wish to use.
  2. You can choose to pay your affiliates via bank transfer. Bank transfer payments are manually created by you or your business through your bank (this doesn't take place through AffiliateWP). If your bank supports mass payments, you may be able to use AffiliateWP's Generate Payout File option to generate a CSV file which can be uploaded to your bank's online banking portal. Alternatively you can make manual individual payments to your affiliates' bank accounts via bank transfer.
  3. If your country has another payment service or method which you would prefer to use to pay your affiliates, you can use that system to manually process individual (or bulk payments if possible) for your affiliates.

The Paying your affiliates article goes into further detail on the above payment methods.

Simplifying affiliate payouts

We have a pro add-on that can help you significantly simplify your affiliate payouts. This add-on makes it incredibly easy to pay your affiliates directly from your WordPress admin to PayPal:

  • Learn how you can pay your affiliates seamlessly via PayPal with the PayPal Payouts pro add-on.

To get access to this pro add-on (plus all other pro add-ons) you can upgrade from your account page. Pro add-ons are only available with a Professional or Ultimate license.