What are 3rd-party add-ons?

A 3rd-party add-on is an add-on which has been built to be compatible with AffiliateWP by a 3rd-party or external developer (who is not employed by AffiliateWP). Like all of our add-ons, these extensions allow you to add extra functionality and features to the core AffiliateWP plugin so you can create a more effective affiliate marketing program.

As these add-ons aren’t built by us, we’re unable to provide support for them. The 3rd-party developers are the most knowledgeable on their own plugins, therefore they can be reached directly for support enquiries or further assistance with them. You can find the developer contact details for all 3rd-party add-ons on each add-on’s page.
Check out the current 3rd-party add-ons at the following link:

3rd-party AffiliateWP add-ons