Reports Overview

This article details each section of the Reports features built into AffiliateWP.

AffiliateWP reports offer a wide range of data, and you can view graphs of referrals over time, easily seeing your site’s affiliate marketing performance, as well as a detailed breakdown of how well a specific affiliate is performing.

The reports section is divided into 3 tabs; Referrals, Visits and Affiliate Registrations. Each section is detailed below.

For each graph, the graph can be filtered to show:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • This Week
  • Last Week
  • This Month
  • This Quarter
  • Last Quarter
  • This Year
  • Last Year
  • Custom – Select your own date range

Let's take a look at each of the three Reports sections available within AffiliateWP:


You can view the following information on the Referrals graph:

  • Paid Earnings
  • Paid Earnings This Month
  • Paid Earnings Today
  • Unpaid Referrals
  • Unpaid Referrals This Month
  • Unpaid Referrals Today
  • Unpaid Earnings
  • Unpaid Earnings This Month
  • Unpaid Earnings Today

Notice the color-coded lines for each type of referral: Unpaid, Pending, Rejected, and Paid:

This helps provide a quick visual indicator for different referrals' statuses, without needing to use several separate graphs, so you can easily get a glimpse of comparative data right away.


AffiliateWP also records visits, which are visits to your site which are made using a  referral link, but do not necessarily convert into a referral. The available data for visits are:

  • Number of visits
  • Successful Conversions
  • Conversion Rate

Similar to the color-coding within the referrals graph, the visits graph shows converted visits as yellow, and unconverted visits as blue, which is also indicated in the top-right of the graph:

Affiliate Registrations

This graph is a visual representation of affiliate registrations, filterable with the same options as the referrals and visits graphs noted above:

Now that you know how to view AffiliateWP Reports, what if you need to export your referral data from AffiliateWP? We've got that covered, with the  Exporting referrals feature!