Adding, Editing, and Deleting Referrals

This article details how to edit, delete, and add referrals in AffiliateWP, using the available interface within AffiliateWP settings.

Referrals can be added, edited, or deleted by navigating to Affiliates → Referrals:

Once you've clicked on Referrals in the above menu and are on the Referrals page, follow the relevant instructions below:

Manually adding referrals

On the Referrals page, referrals can be manually added by clicking on the Add New Referral button:

Once you've clicked Add New Referral, define the available fields you'd like for the new referral:

Once you've completed filling this information out, click on the Add Referral button.

Editing existing referrals

To edit an existing referral, on the Referrals page, click on the Edit link for the referral which you'd like to edit:

On the edit page for that referral, adjust the fields you'd like, and then click the Update Referral button:

Linking referral data to order information

When adding or editing a referral, you can specify various types of information about the referral:


Here, you can define or adjust the amount of the referral. This number follows the referral type set in AffiliateWP settings (either a percentage, or a flat/fixed amount).


This field is used to describe the referral.


The reference is most frequently used to note the transaction ID (or order number) of a referring sale which you'd like to associate with this referral. For example, if you wish to link a referral with an existing order within WooCommerce:

Enter the WooCommerce order number in the reference field, and enter woocommerce for the Context field (described below), and then you can click through from this referral, directly to the WooCommerce order information page.


The context typically defines the payment system used to process the transaction. Commonly-used contexts are the name of the commerce plugin in use, such as  woocommerce, gravityforms, or edd, for example.


The status determines whether or not the referral is paid, pending or rejected. You can specify which by selecting the desired option from the dropdown:

Deleting referrals

To delete a referral, on the Referrals page, click on the Delete link for the referral which you'd like to delete: