Form fields - Affiliate Forms For Gravity Forms

Note: This article relates to the Affiliate Forms For Gravity Forms pro add-on. The Affiliate Forms for Gravity Forms pro add-on requires the 3rd-party Gravity Forms plugin.

Available fields

There are 3 new field types available which you can use in your affiliate registration form:

The affiliate will enter their desired WordPress username. The WordPress username is used in Affiliate URLs.

Although the username field isn't required, if your affiliates intend on using the "username" variation of their  referral URL, it would be a good idea to include it, and make it a required field. If the username field isn't added, an affiliate's WordPress username is created from their email address (which is required). Because of this, an affiliate will share their referral URL with their email address included.

Promotion Method
The affiliate will tell you how they will be promoting your website. 

Payment Email
If the affiliate has a different email address that they use for payments they can enter it into this field.

In addition to the above, you can add any field you'd like!

Note: if affiliate approval is enabled the custom fields will be shown on the affiliate review screen as well as in the Gravity Forms entry

Required fields

At the very minimum, your affiliate registration form must have an  Email field. This is a standard Gravity Forms field. You can find it in the Advanced Fields section of the form editor:

If no email field is added, an error message will be shown at the top of the form.

Optional fields

If no username field is shown, the username for the affiliate is created from their email address, and is included in an email to them after registration.

This is a standard Gravity Forms field found in the Advanced Fields section of the form editor. If no password field is shown, a random password will be generated for the affiliate and included in an email to them.

Promotional method 

Note: just like the standard behaviour of AffiliateWP, when a user is logged in but not yet an affiliate, some fields are not required so will not be shown. These fields  usernameemail, and password.