Recurring Referrals - setup

Note: This article relates to the Recurring Referrals pro add-on.

General configuration

Once the Recurring Referrals add-on is installed, you will have a new Recurring Referrals tab added to the AffiliateWP settings screen:

To enable recurring referral tracking for the supported platforms, simply check the box and click Save Changes. Once enabled, referrals will be automatically recorded anytime a renewal payment is made for a subscription that was referred by an active affiliate.

You can also, optionally, set the recurring rate. This is the rate that will be used to calculate the amount an affiliate earns on subscription payments.

For example, if you wish to award affiliates 25% on the initial signup and then 10% on every payment thereafter, you would set it up as such:

  • In Affiliates → Settings → General, set the default rate to 25
  • In Affiliates → Settings → Recurring Referrals, set the Recurring Rate to 10

Disable recurring referrals for affiliates

If you wish to disable recurring referrals for specific affiliate accounts, you can do so from the affiliate's edit screen:

Manually creating a recurring referral

If you'd like to manually create a referral that gets credited with an order that has recurring transactions, you can specify the subscription ID / order number from the commerce plugin, in the Reference field:

When a subscription payment is recorded, it looks up the original order using the information you provided in this field, then tries to find a referral with that reference.

If one is found, AffiliateWP will create the new referral and attribute all future recurring transactions to the affiliate. AffiliateWP will not apply recurring transaction referrals for past recurring transaction which occurred on the order.

All integrations supported by the Recurring Referrals add-on work the same way, with two exceptions:

Exceptions: MemberMouse and MemberPress

  • When creating the referral for MemberPress, instead of using the "reference" field, you must use the "context" field.
  • MemberMouse - although it is supported by the Recurring Referrals add-on - cannot have referrals be retroactively applied at this time.

Note: If you are using WooCommerce, Recurring Referrals requires WooCommerce Subscriptions version 2.0 or higher. Also, to manually add a recurring referral, enter the original parent order ID to the Reference field.