PayPal Payouts Overview

Note: This article relates to the PayPal Payouts pro add-on.

The PayPal Payouts pro add-on gives you the ability to instantly pay your affiliates their earnings from your PayPal account using PayPal's MassPay/Payout APIs. This document will walk you through how to use the add-on to pay your affiliates.

PayPal Payout Methods

There are two payout methods available:

Using an API Application is the preferred method as it utilizes PayPal's new REST API, whereas PayPal MassPay is an older PayPal technology that is no longer available for most accounts. If your account has MassPay enabled, you are more than welcome to use it.

The payout method used can be set from Affiliates → Settings → PayPal Payouts.

Note: Payouts is not enabled for all PayPal accounts. New accounts and those without much transaction history will need to get Payouts approved by PayPal merchant support. PayPal does not enable it on all accounts, so please contact PayPal merchant support if you do not currently have access to Payouts.

Processing Payouts

Once you have entered your API credentials, all unpaid referral records will have a Pay Now action link available:

Screenshot from 2014-08-18 15:27:42

You can click Pay Now to process a payout for individual referral records. AffiliateWP will inform you of whether the payout was successful or if there was an issue:

Note, the affiliate must have a valid PayPal account tied to their email address to receive the payout. If the affiliate does not have a PayPal account they will receive a PayPal invitation to create an account. If the affiliate does not accept the invitation, the funds will be returned to your PayPal account.

If you prefer, you can also process payouts in bulk in one of two ways:

1. Check the box on the left side of the screen for each referral you wish to pay and then choose Pay Now from the Bulk Actions menu. This will process a payment for each referral selected.

2. Generating a bulk payment beginning with the blue Pay Affiliates button. This brings you to a separate screen that allows you to specify a date range and a minimum amount that affiliates need to have accumulated in order to be paid. AffiliateWP will calculate the amount due to each affiliate and then send the amount as a single payment, marking each of the included referrals as Paid in the process.  

To begin, enter your filtering criteria, then click PayPal for the Payout Method, then click Preview Payout to see a list of all referrals that have been selected to pay:

If everything appears as expected, the final step is to click the Submit Payout button at the bottom of the screen:

Important Notes

PayPal Payouts requires API access to be enabled in your PayPal account. API access is available for all business accounts.

You must have a sufficient balance already present in your PayPal account to cover the payouts being processed.

You will need to pay the PayPal transfer fees in order to payout your affiliates.