PayPal Payouts - Error Codes

Note: This article relates to the PayPal Payouts pro add-on.

When processing payouts with PayPal, AffiliateWP will display an error message if something goes wrong. Error messages can be returned for a variety of reasons, such as insufficient account privileges, incorrect API credentials, or one of many other reasons.

If you are receiving an error when processing payouts, please use this guide as a reference for what the error means and how it can be resolved. It is highly recommended to turn on the option Enable Debug Mode in Affiliates → Settings → Misc while troubleshooting. All output from the PayPal API, including error codes, will be written to the debug log which can be viewed from Affiliates → Tools → Debug Assistant. The additional verbiage may contribute towards resolving any errors encountered.

When an error is returned, it will be displayed like this:

Error: 403 Forbidden

This error means one of two things:

1. Your live API credentials have been entered incorrectly.  

2. Your PayPal account has not been fully approved to process payouts via the API.   

If you have confirmed that your API credentials are entered correctly, you will need to contact PayPal support and ask them to tell you why your account is unable to process payouts.

Error: 422 Unprocessable Entity

This error means one of two things:   

  1. Your PayPal account must have an adequate balance to cover the payouts it is attempting to process.  Unlike personal PayPal accounts that withdraw from a bank or credit card source, you must have a sufficient existing PayPal balance to cover the referrals you are attempting to pay out, or you will receive this error.  Also, know that your PayPal sandbox account has a separate balance than your live account, so make sure it is adequately funded as well prior to testing with a sandbox account.
  2. The currency code the funds are being sent in cannot be received by the recipient due to country or account regulations.

Error: 429 Too Many Requests

This error can occur when PayPal's systems are under abnormal load. If this occurs, wait 30 minutes and then try again.

Error: 10001 Security Header Not Valid

This error is usually caused by one of two things:  

1. The credentials entered at Affiliates → Settings → PayPal Payouts are incorrect. Please triple check you have entered them correctly.

2. You have entered the API certificate instead of an API Signature. Please check that you have entered the correct one.

Error: invalid_client Client Authentication failed

This error means the API credentials have been entered incorrectly. Please confirm you have copied the credentials properly from your PayPal account.