Tiered Affiliate Rates - setup

Note: This article relates to the Tiered Affiliate Rates pro add-on.

The Tiered Affiliate Rates pro add-on allows you to reward your affiliates with higher commission rates the more they earn (in affiliate commissions), and/or the more successful referrals they generate. You can set tiers based on the number of paid referrals, or total paid affiliate earnings. This add-on provides a great way to incentivize your affiliates to work harder to convert more sales and in turn, earn more referrals.

Once installed and activated, the Tiered Affiliate Rates add-on will add a new tab to the Affiliates Settings screen called Tiered Rates.

You can add as many or as few tiers as you wish. The referral rate type (percentage or flat rate) will be based on your global setting in Affiliates Settings General.

Tiers consist of four options:

  • Type: what kind of tier is it, earnings based or referral count based
  • Threshold: the number of referrals or the total earnings an affiliate must reach reach to get the tiered rate
  • Rate: the rate the affiliate is given automatically when they reach the threshold
  • Disabled: whether the tier is disabled

Follow these steps to set up your tiered rates:

  • Under Type, choose between Number of Referrals generated or Total Earnings (this is total affiliate commission earnings - commission the affiliate has earned. It is not based on the total the affiliate has generated in sales of that product.)
  • In the Threshold field, enter the number of referrals or the total commission earnings you would like your affiliates to reach before they can earn a higher commission rate
  • In the Rate field enter the referral rate you would like your affiliates to earn on any new referrals for that particular tier
  • Click Save Changes to save your Tiered Affiliate Rates settings.

Note: The affiliate will only be bumped up to the next tier once they have met the specific threshold based on referrals with a Paid status.

Tiered Rate Expiration

You can enable the Tiered Rate Expiration option to reset tiered affiliate rates on the 1st of every month.

With Tiered Affiliate Rates, you can easily set up a commission rate tier like this:

  • 0 – 100 referrals = 20% (or $20) commission rate
  • 101 – 200 referrals = 25% (or $25) commission rate
  • 201 – 500 referrals = 30% (or $30) commission rate
  • 501+ referrals = 35%  (or $35) commission rate

Or even one like this:

  • $0 – $100 in earnings = 20% (or $20) commission rate
  • $101 – $200 in earnings = 25% (or $25) commission rate
  • $201 – $500 in earnings = 30% (or $30) commission rate
  • $500+ in earnings = 35% (or $35) commission rate

Tiered Rates for Recurring Payments

If you are using our  Recurring Referrals add-on to create referrals from subscription or membership recurring payments, as of version 1.7+  you have the option to apply tiered rates. To enable this, simply check the box in Affiliates → Settings → Recurring Referrals:

Settings - Recurring Referrals enable tiered rates