Display a Terms & Conditions checkbox on the affiliate registration form

When you install AffiliateWP, you can choose to create terms and conditions for your affiliate program that affiliates must agree to when they register. Setting up terms and conditions for your affiliate program protects both you and your affiliates. It gives your affiliates detailed information about how your affiliate program works and what they can expect from you. It also gives them guidelines they need to follow when promoting your website and/or products.

AffiliateWP allows you to display a checkbox on your affiliate registration form that potential affiliates must check before they can register. This option isn’t enabled by default, so follow these simple steps to set up your affiliate terms of use:
  1. Add a new WordPress page and give it a title, for example “Affiliate Terms & Conditions"
  2. Enter your affiliate program terms and conditions into the WordPress editor and click the Publish button 
  3. In the Affiliates → Settings → General tab, choose your page from the drop-down menu next to Terms of Use and click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

General settings affiliates terms of use

And that’s it - you’re done!
  • This applies to the default affiliate registration form only, not registration forms created with our pro add-ons Affiliate Forms for Gravity Forms, or Affiliate Forms for Ninja Forms since those forms can be easily customized with their respective form editors.
  • In order for the Terms & Conditions checkbox to be visible on the affiliate registration form, the “Allow affiliate registration” checkbox needs to be enabled on the  Affiliates → Settings → Misc tab (so affiliates can register themselves).