Store Credit - setup

Note: This article relates to the free Store Credit add-on.

Download the free plugin
Install and activate the plugin just as you would with any other WordPress plugin
Enable the Enable Store Credit checkbox from the  Affiliates → Settings → Store Credit tab:
Store Credit settings
As of v2.3, you can check  Enable For All Affiliates, or, leave that unchecked and enable on a per-affiliate basis on the Affiliate's edit screen:

Affiliate edit screen store credit settings

Another option added in v2.3 was giving your affiliates the option to enable store credit from their affiliate dashboard by checking   Enable Stored Credit Opt-In:

Affiliate - Settings -enable store credit affiliate opt-in

Affiliate Area Settings enable store credit payouts

And finally, now in v2.3 you have the option to Apply Store Credit to WooCommerce Subscriptions Renewal Orders:

apply store credit to woocommerce subscriptions renewal orders

From the Affiliates → Referrals admin page, click Mark as Paid in the actions column of a referral.

Once a referral has been paid, the amount is added to the affiliate's credit balance. 

To remove the store credit from an affiliate click Mark as Unpaid.


In WooCommerce this will be seen on the checkout screen. 

Click Apply and a coupon will be created to credit the cart purchase. Make sure you have coupons enabled in WooCommerce → Settings → Checkout → Coupons or this will not function correctly.  

Easy Digital Downloads

In Easy Digital Downloads, you can enable Wallet like any other payment gateway.  This will be seen on the checkout screen.   

Note: Using Store Credit with Easy Digital Downloads requires the EDD Wallet extension. It can be purchased from the  Easy Digital Downloads website.

Store Credit Balance

Your affiliates can view their available Store Credit balance on the Statistics tab when they are logged in to the Affiliate Area.

A Store Credit column containing the current balance is added to the Affiliates screen when active.

The Store Credit balance can be seen at the bottom of the Affiliate edit screen when it is active.

Note: Store Credit can also be manually awarded to an affiliate by using the Affiliates → Referrals → Add New Referral page.